Blackpowder Promise – Dragon Age 2 Guide

Blackpowder Promise – Dragon Age 2 Guide

The genesis of the Blackpowder Promise is a chance encounter with a dwarven merchant named Javaris that happens as you travel between locations sometime after

DA2 – Blackpowder promise [P1]

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Part 28 – Blackpowder Promise

Hawke is asked to find a group of Tal-Vashoth that have been hiding.
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Blackpowder Promise (party comments & choices) | Dragon Age 2

00:00 Meeting Javaris
03:42 Qunari Warning
07:06 Qunari Compound
12:42 Chatting with Arishok
19:43 Meeting Maraas

All options from quest Shepherding Wolves.

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