How to Increase City Reputation – Genshin Impact Guide

How to Increase City Reputation – Genshin Impact Guide

The Genshin Impact Reputation system offers to add even more reason to fully explore the anime-inspired gatcha adventure game. Set to arrive in the 1.1 update

Genshin Impact – How To Find Your Bounties

You can only do 3 bounties per week.

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How To Level Up Inazuma City Reputation! (FAST!) | Genshin Impact | [Guide]

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Genshin Impact Reputation System Guide

An overview on the Reputation system, detailing how it works and what you need to do. Summary of the information is also included below.

Mondstadt Reputation:
Requirements – AR 25 and complete Archon quest ”The Outlander Who Caught the Wind’ Prologue: Act I’.
NPC: Hertha, by the East gate.

Liyue Reputation:
Requirements – AR 29 and complete the Archon quest ”Farewell, Archaic Lord’ Chapter I: Act II’.
NPC: Ms. Yu, North of the Blacksmith, near the harbour.

– Bounties and Requests are locked until reputation level 2.
– Bounties and Requests each have a limit of 3 per week.
– Weekly reset is Monday.
– These missions are tied to both cities. Doing 3 Bounties in Mondstadt means you cannot do any in Liyue within the same week.
– City Quests refer to World Quests.
– Increase World Exploration by opening chests, assisting Seelies, find Anemoculus/Geoculus, and unlocking waypoints (Statue of the Seven, Teleports, and Domains).


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