Map Fragments – The Evil Within Guide

Map Fragments – The Evil Within Guide

The Map Fragments are Collectibles, that once found, will reward you will special weapons for all your subsequent playthroughs. A list of all of them can be

The Evil Within No-BS Guide Ch. 1 Sadist Chainsaw Butcher

These guides are aimed at helping you find all the keys, statues, map fragments, and will include other little hints that you maybe didn’t even know about. More will be on the way soon so subscribe and keep checking back! [SUBSCRIBE:] [TWITTER:]

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The Evil Within – Collectibles Guide – Chapter 13 (Keys, Documents, Maps, Posters, Newspapers)

There are 151 collectibles to find in The Evil Within. These consist of; 45 Keys, 28 Map Fragments, 21 Newspapers 16 Personal Documents, 16 Documents, 15 Posters and 10 Audio Tapes. Finding all of these will reward you with the following two trophies / achievements:

Every Nook and Cranny | Silver | 30G |
Collect every collectable in the game.

Master of Unlocking | Bronze | 15G |
Open up all the lockers in the save room.

None of the collectibles are missable, and they carry over into New Game+. So if you miss some on your playthrough, you can start a new game or chapter select afterwards. To find out what you are missing, go to the pause menu and select “Archive”. This menu will show every collectible you have found.


[0:05] Personal Document #13: Journal Entry September 2012
[0:32] Newspaper #19: Mansion Burns Down
[1:06] Key #37
[2:22] Missing Person Poster #11: Joseph
[3:04] Key #38
[3:34] Map Fragment #25
[4:01] Key #39
[4:41] Key #40



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The Evil Within Chapter 1 + (All Map Fragments)

While a little late to the party, the next series of videos will be made for the sequal coming out soon. Apologies for the beginning stutter not quite sure what happened but, I hope you all enjoy!