Sub Tanks – Mega Man X Guide

Sub Tanks – Mega Man X Guide

Mega Man X at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Storm Eagle Energy Tank Location – Megaman X Guide

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Energy Sub Tank location in the Storm Eagle Stage.

All Upgrades in Mega Man X5 (Armor Parts, Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, EX Tank, Ultimate Armor)

While some of these upgrades are easy to come across, some have interesting requirements and require multiple trips to a stage to collect. In this guide, I show you where to find these upgrades and what you need to grab them and get the Ultimate Armor for X in Mega Man X5!

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MEGA MAN X: All Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks & Armor Upgrades (incl. Hadouken) | Megaman X | SNES

00:00 Menu / Menü

Herz-Tanks / Heart Tanks:
00:14 Spark Mandrill
02:03 Armored Armadillo
03:25 Launch Octopus
05:10 Boomer Kuwanger
07:24 Sting Chameleon
07:52 Storm Eagle
08:16 Flame Mammoth
08:55 Chill Penguin

10:22 Armored Armadillo
10:52 Spark Mandrill
11:16 Storm Eagle
12:03 Flame Mammoth

Extra-Leben / Extra Lifes: 13:08

13:26 Beine / Leg Part
15:00 Torso / Body Part
15:48 Helm / Helmet Part
17:29 Arm Part (X-Buster)
18:25 Ha-Do-Ken / Hadouken

Mega Man X (SNES)