Undercover Clown Goes Platinum

Undercover Clown Goes Platinum

Platinum Studios has acquired Undercover Clown and is launching an exploitation strategy to develop it into a feature film or a television series.

LEGO City Undercover – Accumulating 50 Trillion Studs

This is what you get for going around the Blue Stud Fountain for 24 days…

Lego City: Undercover What’s In Store Trophy Guide

A short video guide on how to get the What’s In Store Trophy on PS4 for Lego CIty: Undercover.

Go to the place on the map in the video, blow open the front of the store and then break and build the 3 items in side, to get the trophy and the Lizard Man!

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Former undercover policeman Mark Kennedy speaks to Channel 4 News

Former undercover police officer Mark Kennedy tells Jon Snow he rejects the report findings he was out of control.