How to Level Up Your Pokemon – Pokemon Duel Guide

How to Level Up Your Pokemon – Pokemon Duel Guide

Pokemon in Pokemon Duel gain experience by participating in duels much how you would expect, but there are other, more efficient ways of increasing your

Pokemon Duel | How to Use Cubes | Green, Blue, Gold Cubes Guide

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Pokemon X/Y – Level Up Trick (Quick Ball method) Leveling up fast with Dj CUTMAN

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Here’s a quick tip for Pokémon X and Y on how to how to make your pokemon level up faster. If you like it, subscribe! This is my first video game tutorial / how-to video.

You’ll need Quick Balls (buy from the Pokemon Center is Snowbelle City) the Lucky Egg (video linked below) and the Experience Points O-Power. If you have low level Pokemon you got from a wonder trade or breeding, this will help them level up fast!

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For a tutorial on getting the Lucky Egg |

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How To Level Up Your Pokemon! Easy Ways To Get XP | POKEMON DUEL

A few people asked me to make a tutorial on leveling up your Pokemon figures in Pokemon Duel, so here it is! There’s a few ways to get some easy XP and level up your Pokemon, so I hope this tutorial helps you out!



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